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Realization treatment plants


Water production facilities Ultra

Some processes need to dispose of ultrapure water or with conductivity less than 1 microsiemens.


The use of plants polishing a mixed bed is where the quality of the water produced by Deionisation, whether ion exchange or reverse osmosis, is unable to meet the needs of a final rinse process of the highest quality.


The technique of ion exchange systems can be used effectively to remove residual traces of ions down the demineralisation. For this purpose is commonly used polisher in mixed beds.


A water purification plant in mixed bed is nothing more than an intimate mixture of strong cationic resin and strong anionic resin, which behaves like so many beds in series. Clearly, each micro-bed "will operate on a salinity slightly lower than that which precedes it, and so the water out of a bed mixed qualitative characteristics demineralisation" push ".


As the regeneration of a mixed bed is more sensitive than that of a line to separate beds (it should be separate resins, regeneration and then shuffle), the use of mixed bed is mainly that of final passage and rarely (and only for tiny plants) is used alone.


For this reason, the Pentacque evaluate carefully the convenience of a plant with 'automation needed to achieve the physical separation and regeneration of resins or provide sewage treatment plants to bed Joint charged with the replacement of the resin at the end of the cycle.


 Impianto di produzione acqua ultrapura

Impianto di produzione acqua ultrapura









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