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Industrial Softening

The hardness is often a problem in many industrial processes because of the risk of inorganic precipitation and fouling associated with it, so it is therefore important to remove calcium ions and magnesium from the water.


Softeners Pentacque achieves the industry, this process takes place through an exchange of sodium ions, fixed on specific resins and ions of calcium and magnesium in the water.


This makes the continuous exchange softened water. The cycle depends on the amount of ions retained in the water and the volume of resins used to end the cycle of plant resins sweetening are automatically regenerated with the appropriate reagent normally obtained from the saturation of sodium chloride in the water (brine ), returned to the original terms.


The main applications of industrial sweetening plants are:


The main advantages of these softeners as well as being fully automated are:














Addolcitore industriale


Addolcitore Duplex

Addolcitore Duplex