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Realization facilities for the treatment of acid recovery


Installations for the recovery acids

Installations for the recovery from sulfuric acid solutions of spent pickling baths and anodic oxidation of aluminum, are proposed by its customers Pentacque goal of technological innovation to better optimize the production cycle and at the same time reduce the costs of production.


And 'well known that during the production cycle, bathrooms pickling increase their concentration of metal ions, if this increase does not change the look of the bath performance by increasing the consumption of electricity and generating heat.


The high concentrations of metal ions in the bathroom, forcing a periodic partial or complete replacement of the same with the consequent significant increase in costs.


Changes in the concentration does not guarantee the linearity performance of the bath, making difficult the search of high quality and consistency of the time of production.


This type plant produces so completely automate the maintenance of a fixed concentration of metal ions in solution in the bathroom, pulling the metal solute.


The bathroom in this way is very long and with more closely balanced, creating a strong savings in cleaning up after a less polluting.


The various applications of this type of plant for the recovery of acid can also purify the chemical products such as hydrochloric acid solute substances like iron ions, this allows you to restore output of basic chemicals and highly qualified purified.














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