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Realization treatment plants


Plants vacuum evaporation heat pump

Installations of evaporation heat pump are the most advanced technical solution to the problem of recovery of raw materials, and processing of products to large concentrations of pollutants.


The evaporators are proposing that Pentacque constructed piece, the size and especially easy to install.


This type allows plant energy savings achievable by other means, using the vacuum to create a low-temperature distillation. The evaporators treat all emulsions, solutions exhausted, eluate of regeneration, recovery from plating baths, concentrated to be disposed of, leachate, etc.. reducing large volumes, and recovering the raw material treated.


Evaporation facilities are managed in a completely automatic, requiring no maintenance, the automation of the evaporators are planned by the PLC and not in any way require the continuous presence on the part of operators.


             Impianto di evaporazione a pompa di calore - modello grande

                                  Evaporator heat pump large


                 Impianto di evaporazione a pompa di calore - modello medio

                                   Evaporator heat pump rating


                             Impianto di evaporazione a pompa di calore - modello piccolo

                                    Evaporator heat pump small  


Vacuum evaporation facilities for hot water

Evaporation plants to hot water systems are used for higher flow rates than a heat pump.


To operate the plants need evaporation of warm water, it permits in cases of high flow rates to obtain a discrete energy conservation, using heat already available and in some cases at no cost.


Pentacque puts its efforts in the search for energy sources in the production process are dispersed, such as warm water from the cogeneration plants, water cooling, heat recovery from smoke, returns water condensation, etc..


The Pentacque also multistage evaporation plants, concentrators pluristadio multiple effect, using the principle dell'ebollizione, so as to use the heat on multiple stages, creating the availability of three different products to treat separately managing products to treat and Consequently their recovery.














































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