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Realization treatment plants and sewage charges


Plant for zero discharge

In the late'80s, thanks as the environmental needs, industry led us to study and implement new technologies to achieve the "zero waste", this request was turned from a target market consolidated.


The zero waste is the recycling of all the water industry, which means that the waste water must be treated and reused in the process completely and sewage.


 Pentacque has developed in several years in business, technology to minimize discharges, obtaining water through recycling more purified a final production of superior quality.


Our strength is to be able to obtain, whenever possible, the conditions of total recycling of water using and integrating ns. purification technologies.


Many water treatment plants have been made to date in many areas of our expertise eg. galvanic, paint industry, mechanical and steel industry.


To this we must add that zero tailpipe it follows a double savings, which most often appears as a real investment and saving in economic terms, since the two options to:

















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