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Realization treatment plants


Samplers and systems for measuring the flow



For several years, as part of the renewal of licenses for waste water discharge, several local governments have started to require companies predominantly masters, anodic oxidation and treatment areas usually owning a discharge, the installation at the plant output treatment of a sampler and a system for measuring the flow rate.


Pentacque offers customers a very diverse range according to the needs and requirements put in place by the government.


Our sampler may be made in many versions, and non-refrigerated samplers, samplers with more storage containers, samplers, by cleaning and washing of containers, etc..


Bring relief


Pentacque also markets a range of different production scale detectors certified ISO 9001 in a position to solve problems of measurement of liquids in all areas.


There are different types of relief and records, the same range from a traditional mechanical reel, turbine or magnetic measuring the velocity of the fluid, in addition to measurement is possible to register and possibly the management of fluid.


Portable Analyzers


Pentacque provides versatile analysis tools capable of ensuring security in measuring poor working conditions in the field.


Analytical tools for analysis and control of water, portable photometers, maps for determining quality, foil analytical determinations and semi-analytical kit for colorimetric analysis in the field.


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