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Realization treatment plants


Demineralizers controflusso

Pentacque developed Demineralizers controflusso compacted to bed, they are an advanced solution for plant used in the treatment of waste water purification industry.




The compacted Demineralizers to bed, plants are usually formed by a column granular activated carbon, a cationic resin column and a column of anionic resin strong or weak.


I Demineralizers a controflusso through the process of ion exchange resins can retain the pollutants in the waters of the washing and recycling processes with a degree of very high purity.


      Impianto di demineralizzazione controflusso



The ion exchange process of Demineralizers is cyclical, water to be treated several times through the resin to an appropriate speed until it is exhausted. The resins are then regenerated from these plants with solutions that show the original condition.

This simple and tested process depurative produce a concentrated solution containing all pollutants previously withheld from the resins.


The central command PLC addition to the facilities provided in demineralisation of service, providing the conditions for the regeneration of fully automatic water column containing resins, the various controlavaggi needed to coals and all the tests and adjustments during the various stages of treatment of sewage.


As part of the plant demineralisation Pentacque install a reader conductivity of output from the functions of planning cycles and time of regeneration and pre-alarms and alarms are all set.


      Demineralizzatore controflusso



Demineralisation plants that provide Pentacque are designed and manufactured in an accurate characteristics of compactness and reduced size of the footprint.


The benefits arising from the factory to demineralised water controflusso unlike a equicorrente are as follows:












































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