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Realization treatment plants


Water treatment of first rain

The Pentacque produces a variety of water treatment plants first rain.


The installations of rain or run-off, are necessary to control the effect on pollution due to stormwater run-off areas partially or totally polluted.


          Impianto per il trattamento delle acque di prima pioggia


L 'pollution from stormwater run-off is mainly due to the presence of sand, soil and light mineral oil.


The first rain plants are sized by reference to the ratios required by law, by ensuring the necessary volume of storage to treatment, until such time as the water following the second rain sfiorito e are sent to the receptor for final dispersal soil or sent directly to the recipient body.


Aprons interested in the rain precipitation should be established to facilitate the conveyance of the same in one place which will be placed in the separator.


The waters of the first rain starting in the treatment of dissabbiatura sludge or separation for a best time, this allows the separation from the substance sedimentation.


The first plants that provide rain water so be pre-launched through the separation of oil, which undergo a flotation of substances read from a coalescence filter. With this system of micro-oils belong to a particular material coalescent (absorption effect) and, after having united with each other, increase their size (effect of coalescence), encouraging the flotation and the parking area.


















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