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Realization plants and sewage


Systems compaction and dewatering sludge

Each cleaning process generates a product to be disposed of, in almost all cases, you can compact and dehydrated this rejection, created by the various processes in different ways.


Pentacque offers various types of treatment:


Gravity thickening


In this case the data is handled through the storage of waste in containers of form, the same flocculate properly amplify the separation of water.




Compaction through filtropresse combined with high pressure pumps, these machines are made up of panels and cable television, where the filter sludge is retained by eliminating high concentrations of water. These machines are available in versions manual or fully automated.



Vacuum Filters


Vacuum filters are made primarily of a drum which is created inside the vacuum and is then sucked through the mud that a barrier consisting of a cloth filter extracts from the limpid water sludge.


Filters belt rotary


The rotary belt filters are suitable for compacting large quantities of mud, without the need for operators, sludge floc is sent between two porous strip in tension and passed above and below by rollers of various diameters on the way the product continuously compattano entered.


Filter bag and paper tape


Bag filters and filter paper tape is used for small amounts of mud and using gravity and the fabric filter to increase the dry weight of sludge. They are usually made with several types of materials resistant to aggressive compounds and with various degrees of filtration.


The machines are made by a number of options to optimize the management of the product:

E 'should also assess the combination of several technologies compaction in order to achieve better dewatering of sludge and a lower cost of initial investment

































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