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Implementation assistance and treatment plants and water treatment


Services offered

The Pentacque addition to a wide range of wastewater treatment plants and water treatment, offers the following services:


Pentacque offers its customers a technical assistance program, it provides a set of previously accurate monitoring of the purification performed by trained and fully equipped.


The service is delivered to plants and sewage physical chemist, demineralisation plants, plants and osmosis ultrafiltration, plants and disoleazione flotation, filtration plants and evaporation sweetening industrial recovery facilities acids, etc..


This service is designed to ensure maximum yield of the treatment plant, helping to build peace and greater compliance with the existing tables in the process of purification, drawing any reports from the operators involved in the management and / or functionality of the facilities Purification and interacts with the technical staff.


Water Analysis

Pentacque has the support of technologically advanced chemical laboratories and certified with the possibility of carrying out chemical analysis of physical and microbiological samples of water in the cleaning process, complete check-up of facilities or simulations of treatments on water purification plants, acting in full compliance with the regulations and in accordance with European laws.


      I nostri laboratori: tecnologia avanzata per l'analisi delle acque



Pentacque making the provision of only chemicals used in technological processes for treatment of water, they sometimes sufficient to resolve issues such as flocculation, absorption, oxidation, reduction, breakage of metal complexes, etc..


Chemical technology marketed by us:


Pentacque realizes the provision of remote systems characterized primarily in 2 functional levels:

A system of remote effective guarantees significant results, continuous monitoring of treatment plants and water treatment, automatic retransmission alarms, optimization of the operation and reduced operating costs, diagnostics permanent maintenance support.



















































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